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Dirtbag Runners is community of trail and ultrarunners from around the world. We love adventure, minimalism, story-telling by a fire, making new friends and celebrating life on the trail. It doesn’t matter if you can only dirtbag it on the weekends or you are living on the road full-time. Being a dirtbag is a mindset. Are you a dirtbag runner? Join us in the revolution! Send us your photos and stories to Jen@DirtbagRunners.com. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Have a suggestion or comment? Shoot us an e-mail at dirbagrunners@gmail.com. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Send some love to our Ambassador Coordinator, Kara Clark (Kara@DirtbagRunners.com). Cheers!

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Dirtbag Runners Camp & Run: Reyes Creek

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Read about our adventures, minimalism, RV-living, our Dirtbags of the Week, our favorite recipes, tips and tricks for living the dirtbag lifestyle, and epic race reports!
DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 9/29/16

DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 9/29/16

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared some stories about the difficulties of finishing 100 milers. I’m sure you’ve probably...

Get to Know: Miguel Moreno

Get to Know: Miguel Moreno

Name: Miguel Moreno DBR Ambassador: Phoenix, Arizona Facebook  Instagram 1. Favorite Trail: Like my first love you never forget, Papago Mountains 2....

DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 9/22/16

DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 9/22/16

When it comes to sponsorships/ambassadorships/partnerships in trail and ultrarunning, there are a lot of companies offering up products. The well-known, big...

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