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2018 Dirtbag Runners Ambassador Applications

November 3rd, 2017|0 Comments

The 2018 Dirtbag Runners Ambassador Applications are now open! You will have exactly one month from today (November 3rd, 2017) to submit your entry (Ending on December 3rd). We will announce the selected ambassadors on [...]

On the topic of Virtual Runs, Our Community, our New Race Kit, & Upcoming Non-Profit Alignment

October 11th, 2017|2 Comments

  Over the last three years, Dirtbag Runners has grown into something we never anticipated - a massive world-wide community, design company, and potentially, camp-out / event company.   Dirtbag Runners has hit a turning [...]

The Importance of Using Recycled / Organic Cotton & Our Goals Moving Forward

September 27th, 2017|0 Comments

As a company that designs and sells apparel for the outdoor community, we have begun to see the importance of utilizing recycled and eco-friendly materials. Three years ago, non-recycled apparel didn’t seem like a major [...]

Get to Know: François Bourdeau

August 24th, 2017|0 Comments

Name: François Bourdeau aka "Flint"DBR Ambassador: Montreal, Canada & France Facebook  Twitter  Blog  Instagram 1. Favorite Trail: I’ve never seen anything more breathtakingly beautiful than the Caballo Blanco Trail that links Urique to Batopilas in [...]

Get to Know: Markus Frei

August 15th, 2017|0 Comments

Name: Markus FreiDBR Ambassador: Basel, Switzerland Facebook 1. Favorite Trail: Eiger Ultra Trail E101, Grindelwald, Switzerland 2. Favorite Race: Fuego y agua 100k, Ometepe, Nicaragua 3. Favorite Running Fuel: Biberli, Läggerli, Klöpfer...Things most of [...]

Get to Know: Chad Hinkle

August 3rd, 2017|1 Comment

Name: Chad HinkleDBR Ambassador: Central Coast, California Facebook 1. Favorite Trail: The Arroyo Seco Gorge is one of my favorite trails. (But who can pick a favorite). It isn't very runnable, but you have [...]