• Dirtbag Runners Founders & Core Team

    Crista Scott is the Co-Founder of Dirtbag Runners, Designer, and Event Director. She loves trail running, traveling, photography, videography, design and her mini-dauchshund, Penny.

    You can follow her on Instagram (@CristaScott) and Twitter (@Crista_Scott). You can email her directly at Crista@DirtbagRunners.com

    She is currently training for the Leona Divide 50 next April, and the Born To Run 50K. 

    Tyler is one of the Co-Founders of Dirtbag Runners. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, Tyler is passionate about the outdoors, traveling, skydiving, and signing up for 100-milers last minute. 

    You can follow Tyler on Instagram (@AllWeDoIsClemens), and email him at Tyler@DirtbagRunners.com.

  • Social Media Team

    Jen Laughlin

    Instagram Manager

    Jen is a trail runner, mother, and running coach from Arizona. She has been with dirtbag runners since early 2014 and is the mastermind behind our Instagram account. She is known for her epic trail selfies and ability to look flawless despite being thirty miles into a run.  You can reach Jen at her email via Jen@DirtbagRunners.com. 


    Instagram: @JenLaughlin14_

    Michelle Evans

    Social Media Influencer

    Michelle has been a part of Dirtbag Runners since the very beginning, helping behind the scenes in everything from our social media accounts, helping ship orders, and planning local group runs.

    Michelle is known for her creative costumes, passion for backpacking and the outdoors, and her fine beer-making skills.

    Instagram: @RunningWithMountainGoats

    Nicklaus Combs

    Twitter Manager

    Nicklaus is our Twitter Champion…making sure we never miss a tweet! Nick hails from Boulder, Colorado, and is known for his fierce photography and beard game. He can be found regularly climbing the Flat Irons outside of Boulder. 

    Instagram: @NicklausCombs

    Twitter: @NicklausCombs

    Kim Bessler

    Instagram & Social Media Influencer

    Kim has joined our Social Media team as an Instagram influencer. Currently studying engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, Kim is passionate about this planet and saving our national resources. We are so stoked to have her on board and help DBR with the development of our own sustainability footprint.

    Instagram: @HalfPint22

    Website: AdventuresOfThePint.com

  • Community Outreach Team

    Michael Burke

    Community Outreach Manager & Blog Master

    Michael is a Middle School Science teacher from Boise, ID. A true Dirtbag during his summer breaks from school, he hopes to never set foot in his own house from mid-June through mid-August as he travels with his wife Sarah and dog Barley.

    If you’d like to submit a story or adventure report, send Michael an email at Michael@DirtbagRunners.com.

    Instagram: @mburke.ultratrail

    Twitter: @mburkeruns

    Kara Clark

    Ambassador Coordinator 

    Kara is a powerhouse of positive energy, passion, and has a deep love of the beautiful outdoors. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington, Kara loves trail running with her dog Molly and boyfriend Jack Rosenfeld. Known for her ruthlessness in dodgeball and brilliant-colored mane, Kara stands out from the crowd and we are proud to have her on our team! If you have any questions about the Ambassador program, feel free to email her at Kara@DirtbagRunners.com. 

    Instagram: @KaraBear42

    Niki Pasion

    Community Outreach Specialist & Copywriter

    Niki is the perfect example of a large personality packaged in a tiny human. Endlessly creative, inspired, and seeking to connect with others, Niki became the perfect fit for both being Dirtbag Runner’s copywriter and Community Outreach Specialist. 

    Instagram: @pasionista

    Ben Syzek

    Community Outreach & Website Development

    Ben is one of our OG Ambassador’s here at Dirtbag Runners and is our Website Development Guru. Ben is passionate about all-things outdoors, gear-testing, and exploring epic Colorado trails. 

    Instagram: @bsyzek

  • Design & Creative Team

    Trisha Berube


    Trisha Berube has been with Dirtbag Runners since it’s founding days. A true creative at heart, Trisha loves design, writing, and branding. She has helped us design our DBR sunburst logo and our much-loved bandito. Currently living in San Diego, California, this Boston-native is embracing the sunshine state to the fullest. 

    Instagram: @sandiegotrish

    Brad Donovan

    Designer / Graphic Artist

    Brad Donovan has been on the Dirtbag Runners design team for the last two years. He has designed our Beer Mile hat, our Reyes Creek Camp & Run shirt, Starry Skies & Cow Pies design, and many more fun projects in the works. Currently residing in New Zealand, Brad is a contemporary designer and artist with an impressive level of attention to detail. Explore some of his other works on his website or Instagram page below. 

    Website: Bradd.co

    Instagram: @braddonovan


    David Giacomelli


    David, or more often known as Slow Dave, has been our official photographer since mid-2016. Currently exploring Asia for the next two months, Slow Dave hails from Northern California. You may also know him by his dirtbag celebrity dog, Harley. 

    Website: www.DavidGiacomelli.com

    Instagram: @flannelforbreakfast

    Cherie Yanek


    Cherie Yanek is a writer, yoga teacher, ultrarunner, running coach, and librarian living in Brooklyn. She loves running for ridiculously long periods of time, preferably in something pink and a tutu. She is also the Race Director of the Burning Man Ultramarathon, which you should really come and run.

    Instagram: @runningfairy 

    Twitter: @CherylKathleen

    Website: www.CherylYanek.com