Dirtbag of the Week – Candice Burt

One thing we love at Dirtbag Runners is hearing stories from other dirtbags from around the world. We decided to highlight a new runner each…

One thing we love at Dirtbag Runners is hearing stories from other dirtbags from around the world. We decided to highlight a new runner each week. We are honored that writer, race director and all-around badass ultrarunner Candice Burt is our first Dirtbag of the Week.

A Very Dirtbag Interview


1) What is your personal definition of what it means to be a dirtbag?

A dirtbag is someone who embraces their personal passions to the point that they do not follow societal norms. A dirtbag does what they need to do to live that passion and alternative lifestyle whether it be living in their car, working side jobs or not working at all and honing their skills at said passion.


2) What has been your greatest / most meaningful adventure to date?
My first solo overnight run on the Wonderland Trail would probably be my most meaningful adventure to date as it gave me the confidence to tackle many more long distance routes solo. The route circumnavigates Mount Rainier in Washington State in 93 miles with 27,000 feet of ascent. I had a lot of fear about running through the night alone, much of those fears confirmed with bear and puma sightings but came out of the experience stronger and more confident. I ended up setting the women’s unsupported FKT, which at that time was also the women’s overall FKT on that route.


3) What is next on your racing schedule? 
I’m racing the Bighorn 100 this month in Wyoming then 3 weeks later running the Colorado 200. After that my focus shifts completely over to race directing as I am organizing the inaugural Bigfoot 200 in August, the Tahoe 200 in September, and the Bigfoot 120 in October.
Candice running the H.U.R.T. 100 in 2015.
Candice running the H.U.R.T. 100 in 2015.


4) Imagine your dream dirtbag RV or car. What would it look like? 
I like a smaller vehicle and never being a van person, I prefer my Honda Element with the backseats a taken out to make room to sleep. I’d love to add a pop top to it and a small stove/kitchen area.


Candice's Honda Element: Simple and Sweet!
Candice’s Honda Element: Simple and Sweet!


5) What is your favorite piece of gear when you’re traveling on the road?
My running shoes. I’m really digging the Altra Superior 2.0s. They are super lightweight, with some good teeth and a hunger for mountain trails.


6) Tell us about your upcoming race, The Bigfoot 200:
The Bigfoot 200 is the result of a year’s worth of scouting in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. It’s a stunning point to point 200 mile race that showcases some of the wildest and most scenic trails in the Cascades. It starts at Mount St. Helens circumnavigating the volcano, which erupted in the 80s and has this incredible otherworldly feel, then runs East to The snow capped Mount Adams following ridge lines North to Randle, WA. It’s a beast with 50,000 feet of climbing and some of the most remote trails you can find. Cell phones don’t work on this course. It’s awesome.


7) What is the most dirtbag thing you have ever done?
When I was staying in Hawaii for a month I rented a VW Van and sometimes the places I’d be parked there wouldn’t be an easy way to go outside and pee because there were too many people around or something like that so I’d pee in a cup then pour it down the sink. TMI, I know!


8) What has been your favorite race location / course?
I just love Lake Tahoe for the abundance of trails, mountains and sunshine and my favorite course is the Tahoe 200. I am just in love with that course. It’s so cool to circumnavigate such a huge alpine lake. Classic.
Photo by Glenn Tachiyama
9) What is your favorite thing to eat during a race?
I really only race 100 mile + distances, so I love soup and potato anything. I recently discovered peanut butter pretzels too, wow. Yum.
10) And, most importantly, what is your favorite kind of beer?
I’m an IPA girl. Lately I’m loving Bellingham’s Kulshan Brewery Bastard Kat IPA.
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You can read more about Candice’s adventures on her blog, Wild Defined.
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