Timmy Olson – Dirtbag Interview of the Week

We are so stoked to have our friend Timmy Olson as the Dirtbag of the Week. This dude is truly living the dirtbag dream– he…

Timmy1We are so stoked to have our friend Timmy Olson as the Dirtbag of the Week. This dude is truly living the dirtbag dream– he lives minimally, runs beautiful trails around the world, eats whole foods from the earth and inspires us to climb to the top of the nearest  mountain peak (where we then bust out a badass yoga pose). Not to mention, he was also the first person to finish sub-15 hours at Western States with a time of 14:46:44 (a record that three years later is still unbroken).  Timmy has recently combined his love of running and yoga by creating the Run Mindful Retreats –alongside his wife Krista. They are educating runners about the benefits of meditation, traveling, connecting to the earth and immersing oneself in nature. To find out more about his retreats (the next one is happening in Colorado in August), visit his website TimothyAllenOlson.com.

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1) What is your personal definition of what it means to be a dirtbag?

Someone care free, content and happy just being, taking life’s circumstances as they come and being grateful to just be free and alive. Perpetually connected to the earth, feels that connection and allows nature to direct their path. Earthed.


2) What has been your greatest / most meaningful adventure to date?

Having a kid and balancing life, relationships and running; Hardrock was pretty grand too.


3) What is next on your racing schedule?

Lavaredo this coming weekend, a 120k in the Italian Dolomites; then back to the U.S. to pace a friend at Hardrock and prepare for Run Rabbit Run this September after a few more cool races like Utah’s Tushar 93k in August and The Power of Four 50k in Aspen, CO. And pumping out another rascal this fall. (Let me know when you’re going to share this…we haven’t announced yet, but if you don’t print it for another week or so we can announce it on here. Thanks for understanding)


4) Imagine your dream dirtbag RV or car. What would it look like?

Easy, Volkswagen bus cruising from trailhead to trailhead; loaded with a kitchen, fridge and bed with some solar panels on top and Hal bobble head leading the way.


5) What is your favorite piece of gear when you’re traveling on the road?

All I need is a good pair of kicks.


6) What is your running footwear of choice?

Right now I’ve been experimenting with some of The North Face prototypes. I use a plethora of different brands so my views and feedback to Tnf stay relevant.


7) What is the most dirtbag thing you have ever done?

Camping trip back in WI, living young wild and free. Years ago, mostly just partying around a bonfire, mass quantities of hallucinogens, lots of bad guitar playing (I believe I did an open mic with my friends), lots of nudity, cliff jumping and living dirty. Good times.

8) What has been your favorite race location / course?

Hardrock in the San Juans, that place is majestic, insanely wild and beautiful – Colorado is a special place.


9) What is your favorite thing to eat during a race?

I’m mostly concerned with the post race spread, the actual race food dosent thrill me unless I’m having a bad day and can take it easy and eat real food like EPIC bars, bacon n eggs and maybe a few gf cookies.

I mostly stick to VFuel gels, they’re my favorite when I feel like pounding sugar.


10)  And, most importantly, what is your post-race drink of choice?

I’m a huge fan of Ommision’s gf IPA, it’s delisuous and actually taste like a real beer. Most other gluten free beer sucks, so if I can’t find that I’m good. I’m also a huge fan of a good Malbec from Argentina or any vino that has a good earthy undertone.

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