Dirtbag Diets: Patrick Sweeney

/Dirtbag Diets: Patrick Sweeney

Dirtbag Diets: Patrick Sweeney

Dirtbag Runners encompass a wide variety of people from all over the country–heck, even all over the world. Some like to call themselves vegetarians or vegans, while others go by the paleo or caveman diet. Others prefer carbs above all else, specifically of the pastry variety. Despite our varied diets, we still share one thing in common: we’re Dirtbags and we love it.

Patrick's Food Philosophy: I'm poor so I eat what's in season. Mostly vegan.

Patrick’s Food Philosophy: I’m poor so I eat what’s in season. Mostly vegan.

What do you emphasize in your personal diet? I like foods with very few ingredients. I eat vegan and I choose to prepare my food if possible. I have never had a meal with too much garlic. I’m big gluten eater when training hard I eat over a loaf a bread a day–I love me some sourdough.


Breakfast: Black coffee (14-28 oz), toast or Bearded Brothers Energy Bar

Lunch: Avocado tacos or avocado and pickle sandwich and salads


Dinner: Vegan pizza, soba noodle stir fry, bread with garlic olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Patrick's pizza.

Patrick’s pizza.

More pizza.

More pizza.


And even more pizza.

And even more pizza.

What do you eat or drink during training runs? Water, but sometimes beer.

What do you eat during races? I eat crap–Oreos, bean burritos (with hot sauce), Coke, watermelon, pickles, olives and avocado wraps. I eat a lot during a race; I have an iron gut.


Favorite drink: Stone Delicious IPA

Favorite food:  Kalamata Olive

Burrito dude

Favorite post-race meal: Left over curry tacos.

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