Skip The Pre-Party And Drink In The Dirt: A Dirtbag Born To Run Affair

The birds were chirping, the cows were grazing, and the runners?  Well, most of them were drinking.  For five days, East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos, California…


The birds were chirping, the cows were grazing, and the runners?  Well, most of them were drinking.  For five days, East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos, California was transformed into the ultimate Dirtbag paradise … and it all culminated in a prom where there was dancing under the the stars to live music while a few runners completed staggering distances up to 250 miles in loops around us.  Truly symbolizing the love, freedom, grit, and absolute craziness of this sport, Born To Run was a special weekend.  In this post, we ask a few of the Dirtbags what their favorite part of the weekend was and why.

Ian in an unbuttoned flannel shirt pacing his friend Alex

Ian Seabury

Watching Alex beast his way to a 22:06 for his first hundo and getting to run some of that with him was definitely the highlight. Always good to see a friend’s hard work pay off.


Greg and his beautiful girlfriend getting prom right

Gregorio Alejandro Ponce

P R O M !!!!!!!!!!!  I got to party with my wonderful girlfriend and we had an absolute BLAST and I actually don’t really remember a whole lot of that night which is probably why it was so awesome.  It’s not everyday she socializes so much but fireball took care of that real damn quick. Best damn prom ever! Danced the night away, and most importantly got to spend quality time with most of my entire BTR family! Seeing everyone is always the highlight of my BTR trips and sharing that with her again this year is something really special.  I’ve known them for my entire adult life and they’ve watched me grow over the years and I love them all so dearly.  Every year, it sucks when it’s time to go but that just comes with having a dirtbag family. It’s always “see you later” never goodbye and that makes the time spent together all the more special.  I love each and every person there. I try to tell them all every year.


The No Talent Show Eminem BTR rap

Miguel Moreno

My favorite part was wrestling and rapping. As a teenager I looked for fights. Rapping well, that’s just bad ass.


Jeannine and her tribe of Dirtbags

Jeannine Zetino

My favorite part of the weekend was probably prom. It was just so rad to see people who’d been running for hours still have energy to get dressed up and party!


Dirtbag love.

Patrick Sweeney

I love how the tribe comes together the friendships made at born to run are more of kinship bond and dig that beyond words.


Julie meeting new old friends!

Julie Blanda

All of the hugs, and meeting friends from across the miles!! A lot of the original DBR ambassadors have been on social media since December 2014 together, and I finally got to meet everyone! Just all of the smiles!!!! Loved it!!



Alex on stage after completing his first 100!

Alexander Schwenkenberg

Favorite part was seeing and hanging out with all the dirtbags. Passing through the camp during the race and hearing all the encouragement and cheering. I am glad I ran my first 100miler at BTR got so much support. Unfortunately I missed out on all the fun spending so much time on the trails.


Arizona kids see the ocean for the first time!

Jon Schaller

I came to BTR to support the Arizona crew on runs and partake in all shenanigans Friday afternoon and then prom but the pre prom events were the best. After the majority of people finished running there are whacky events and it makes the whole experience fun.