DBR Ambassadors and Teams: Weekly Update 6/2/16

Many of us Dirtbags share our lives, our travels and our trails with a fuzzy friend. Dogs can be great running companions, especially when human friends can’t keep…


Many of us Dirtbags share our lives, our travels and our trails with a fuzzy friend. Dogs can be great running companions, especially when human friends can’t keep up. Plus, they always seem to be ready for an adventure! Recently, DBR Ambassador Julie Blanda ran the Grayson Highlands 50k with her pup Isis. Read the story about Julie and Isis here: A Trail Race Through a Dog’s Eyes, or the Story of Isis’ First 50k

JulieIsis1 JulieIsis2

Trail runners can be some of the most down to Earth, friendly people on the planet. And I’m not just talking about those amazing aid station volunteers that’ll do anything to help, they’re great in real life situations too! DBR Ambassador Joel de Blonk recently reminded us of this fact when he helped a single mom and her daughter load firewood as he waited for a friend to hike in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Take a look: Meet Mariann & Maria


Looks like the DBR crew out of Omaha had a good time at the G.O.A.T.z Gravel Classic 30/60/90k race last weekend. Special shout out to Katie Dougherty who ran a distance PR completing the 30k. Nice work! The first ever DBR Omaha camp out is on tap for next weekend at the Hitchcock Nature Center in Iowa. Have fun Dirtbags!

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Lots of activity out of the SE Michigan DBR’s this week: Ambassador Steve Novitscus, wife Theresa & team member Michele Cox  turned a local 5k into a 50k outing in Pinckney, Michigan over Memorial Day. Running 12 miles to the start, running the 5k race, and back to a rental cottage for a 31 mile day on the trails and roads. Now that’s how you do it!

Another SE Michigan DBR team member, Ryan Schave & wife Valerie traveled to Portland, OR for the Trail Factor 50k where Ryan cruised to a 6:13 finishing time.

Finally, another account of a DBR being an incredible human being, team member Ashleigh Farmer came across a local trail user that had collapsed and was receiving chest compressions from his wife on Monday morning. She jumped in to help with rescue breathing until an ambulance arrived 15 minutes later. The man was rushed to the hospital…still waiting to find out what happened, but that kind of compassion and quick thinking from Ashleigh may very well have helped save his life. Just amazing.

michele-steve 5k50k michele-steve-theresa 5k

valerie-ryan ashleigh

Ever wondered what it would be like to race in Finland? Our DBR Ambassador Antti Kulmala recently took on the NUTS Karhunkierros (Bear’s Ring) 33k while other DBR members Antti, Piia, and Henry joined as well. Check out the Strava data and course from Antti’s run: Click Here. Being his first run over 20k ever, Antti had some work to do on a pretty tough course that gained some 3,920′! Taking a controlled approach and running easy, Antti managed a great finish in 5:21!

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Be sure to check back next week for more Dirtbag action and our first “Get-to-Know” DBR Ambassador Q&A!



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