DBR Ambassadors and Teams: Weekly Update 6/9/16

The Arkansas DBR group spent Global Running Day at one of their favorite trails, Mt. Sequoyah, near Fayetteville. To round out the weekend, several members…


The Arkansas DBR group spent Global Running Day at one of their favorite trails, Mt. Sequoyah, near Fayetteville. To round out the weekend, several members took part in the 25k race at the War Eagle Tail Twister Trail Races at Hobbs State Park.

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A couple of the Boise DBR team members, Eric Fitzpatrick and Brady Vandegrift, took on the challenge of the 35k race at Scout Mountain Ultra Trail in Pocatello, ID. With 5,500′ of vert over 21.5 miles, this is one difficult race in the beautiful Bannock and Pocatello mountain ranges. Eric took home 2nd Overall while Brady ran strong to finish 33rd overall in a very competitive field (about 170 finishers in the 35k).

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This week we bring you the very first post in a series of “Get-to-Know the DBR Ambassadors”. While the format is more of a quick-fire Q&A focused mostly on running, take the time to visit/follow their other social media outlets and I’m sure you’ll find the DBR Ambassadors are some pretty awesome people!

DBR Ambassador: Joel de Blonk – Vanlife
Instagram: jadrunning
Facebook: JAdRunning
Blog: JAdRunning.com

1. Favorite Trail: This is a tough question! Now that I have almost been to all of the lower 48 states I have been on some epic trails. A secret spot of mine is near Keystone, CO. Because I love Dirtbag Runners I’ll share it with you guys, Chihuahua Gulch Trail. Amazing views and one heck of a climb! Invite me if you plan on going.

2. Favorite Race: I don’t really run very many races since I save my money for gas and food. This year though I ran the Fuego Y Agua 25K in Nicaragua. I don’t hold grudges on races but this one handed me a good ass kicking from the sweltering heat.

3. Favorite Running Fuel: Love Honey Stinger Honey Waffles!

4. Favorite Beer: PBR or if I am feeling a bit classier Blue Moon.

5. Favorite Post-run/race Food: If you know me at all…McDonald’s fries are a weakness!

6. Favorite Shoes: First generation Nike Kigers. I am on my last pair so it will be a sad day when I wear them out.

7. Bucket List Race: Western States 100. Bummer I have to qualify to run it because it’s the only 100 miler I really want to run.

8. You know you’re a Dirtbag when: Your leg workout consists of holding a squat to poop in a six inch hole because public restrooms are nasty.

9. Favorite type of Dirtbag home: Tent, Van, Hammock? After 1 ½ years of living in my van that’s an easy one…Van with a comfy mattress!

10. Famous runner crush: I was crewing a friend at Run Rabbit Run when I saw Nike Runner Amanda Basham. In the words of Joey from Friends, “how you doing?” Wow…if she reads this, what a horrible introduction.

11. Famous runner you’d want to run with: Timmy Olson or Scott Jurek are both beast so I wouldn’t mind running with either.

12. When was your last shower? Baby wipes and my dirtbag collapsable water jug set up is my normal ever day shower in the van. Right now I am at my parents for a couple days before I head back on the road so just yesterday. It took two long hot showers and some good scrubbing to remove what I thought was a nice tan. Now I might have to wear sunscreen because I am so white!

13. Piece of gear you can’t live without: My Orange Mud HydraQuiver Double Barrel. Love it because I can clean the bottles so much easier on the road than a bladder.

14. Your go-to running outfit is: Dirtbag Runners Tucker Hat and my Nike Kigers…pretty simple.

Anything else you’d like the DBR community to know about you?

I would like to take a second to thank Crista and Tyler for selecting me as an Ambassador back in December of 2014. I still remember the day I got the news. I was parked in the National Buffalo River area of Northwestern Arkansas and checked my email to find one of the best Christmas presents ever! I got the news I was going to become a Dirtbag Runners Ambassador. Running with people and getting trail recommendations was one of the main goals while I was traveling the country. A couple days later I met up with Ambassador Jeff Genova. He drove two hours to meet up with me for a run at the last section of the Buffalo River Trail! From there the trail running community door was kicked wide open and never closed. This was a big deal for me! I was terrified to quit my job of 10 years to follow this dream, and wasn’t sure how long the money I had saved would last. All I knew was I was going to drive and let the path dictate where it would lead. With all the crazy news stories our society feeds off of there are still genuinely good people out there. So thank you to everyone I have met along the way! It’s an honor to call you friends and I am grateful that you have shared pieces of this journey with me!

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Check back next week for more action and how the spirit and inspiration of Dirtbag Runners can get under your skin…