DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 7/21/16

/DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 7/21/16

DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 7/21/16

Each year there is such an exciting vibe around this time of year because of two of the biggest 100 mile trail races: Western States & Hardrock. Fortunately, we had a couple ambassadors at Hardrock this past weekend taking photos and pacing.

Kimberly Jacobs enjoyed 4 days around Silverton including a hike up to gorgeous Island Lake before the race. She helped crew and then paced the last 15 miles for friend Ryan Martin who completed his 4th Hardrock.

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Nicklaus Combs made his way around the Hardrock course throughout the weekend snapping some amazing photos of the scenery and runners.

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Miguel Moreno was also hanging around Silverton taking in the race and happened to take some awesome photos along the way, including with fellow DBR’s!

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13776001_1270343892985460_3750317330920471042_n 13781738_1270343616318821_4668979499644426052_n

Thank you all for taking some amazing photos and sharing your weekend!

An exciting accomplishment for one of our team members out of California Tim Thomas who completed his first ultramarathon at the tough, high elevation Tahoe Rim Trail 55k! Nice work Tim, now onto a 50 miler right?

13692476_1467214476637882_5123386361317633815_n 13718607_1467215496637780_942002602401363326_n

The DBR’s in Arkansas, including ambassador Cassie Brown, met several times over the week with a hill workout and a final long run before the upcoming Full Moon 50k. As always, such an organized group of runners down South!

image2 (1) image3 (1)

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