DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 8/4/16

Most of us Dirtbags have trails or races that are on our bucket lists; those that are a “must do” before we die or before…


Most of us Dirtbags have trails or races that are on our bucket lists; those that are a “must do” before we die or before we wear out our knees and hips. One of those trails that’s on a lot of people’s lists is Havasu Falls. Recently, one of our Ambassadors Miguel Moreno and a group of Dirtbags headed down the trail to enjoy the oasis in the depths of the Grand Canyon.

After a 4.5 hour drive from Phoenix and gearing up in the parking lot, the group started from the Hualapai Hilltop trailhead along with other tourists. Weaving down through the dry, sandy trail for 8+ miles, the group of six made it to the village of Supai (the first chance to refill on water). Another 2 miles and the aqua green pools and 100 foot Havasu Falls were reached.

20 miles on the day, rope swings into the cool refreshing water, definitely a great trip to an amazing place completed!

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Not to be outdone, a few of the Boise Dirtbags team members went on a backcountry tour of the Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness bagging Patterson Peak and around Windy Devil, Merriam Peak, Castle Peak, and the Four Lakes Basin. Much of the route for Brady Vandegrift, Danielle Marquette & Garrick Arends was off-trail taking them on 27+ miles and 7,700′ vertical gain in roughly 10 hours. Check out the amazing photos including a few smoke-filled shots from the Pioneer wildfire.

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Until next week, enjoy the trails & have a beer or three!