DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 8/18/16

/DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 8/18/16

DBR Ambassadors & Teams: Weekly Update 8/18/16

We’re starting off this week’s update with a race report out of Finland with our Ambassador Antti Kulmala. Along with 3 other Dirtbags (Antti Lepo, Henry Nieminen, & Kalle Öisti) took on the Pyhä Mountain Marathon in Finland’s Pyhä-Luosto National Park, 60+ miles North of the Arctic Circle. With roughly 3,800′ of vertical, this was no ordinary marathon. Having only completed a 20 miler, Antti entered knowing he was going to be running longer than he ever had before! Amazing views and strong legs kept Antti moving well and even a sore knee didn’t prevent him from finishing in 6:35. Including few celebratory beers and a couple social media prizes for best photos of the race on Instagram, it was a great weekend for the Dirtbags of Finland!

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Photo Credit: Jaakko Posti

After a midweek group run, the Dirtbags of Arkansas joined up with other local runners to break in a new section of trail near Bella Vista, AR dubbed the Back 40. Featuring 40 miles of trail, this project will end up with 150 miles in the future. Sounds like NW Arkansas is certainly becoming a destination for trail running!

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With races in Squamish and Leadville this weekend, we should have quite a few Dirtbag stories next week!

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