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Name: Miguel MorenoDBR Ambassador: Phoenix, ArizonaFacebook  Instagram 1. Favorite Trail: Like my first love you never forget, Papago Mountains2. Favorite Race: McDowell Frenzy 50k. My first race…


Name: Miguel Moreno
DBR Ambassador: Phoenix, Arizona
Facebook  Instagram


1. Favorite Trail: Like my first love you never forget, Papago Mountains
2. Favorite Race: McDowell Frenzy 50k. My first race I placed top 3…
3. Favorite Running Fuel: GU Energy Gels, Salted Caramel to be exact.
4. Favorite Beer: I don’t drink….but I love Jarritos. A Mexican soda made with real cane sugar!
5. Favorite Post-run/race Food: Carne Asada Burrito.
6. Favorite Shoes: Salomon Speedcross 3. It’s like running on marshmallows.
7. Bucket List Race: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
8. Fastest Beer Mile Time: Sub 10 minutes
9. How many miles per week do you run: 54 when I’m training. Other times I’m not sure. I hate GPS watches.
10. Trail Music (if yes, favorite song): Flume, Hippie Sabatoge, Odesza
11. Favorite type of Dirtbag home: Sleeping bag, that’s it.
12. Famous runner crush: A gentleman attracts the attention of many, but only has eyes for his own lady.
13. Famous runner you’d want to run with: Arnulfo Quimare…oh wait, I already paced him.
14. When was your last shower? On Weekends I save water, unless there’s a lake then I’m dippin’.
15. If forced to use one, Treadmill or ElliptiGO: You have to be kidding me.
16. I felt most like a badass runner when: I was running in Mexico, the Copper Canyons to be exact, with Miguel Lara
17. Piece of gear you can’t live without: My Snap Back
18. Three words that describe your running: Feel My Style
19. Your go-to running outfit: The 4 S’s: Shoes, Socks, Shorts, Snap Back. No shirts…Shirts suck.

Anything else you’d like the DBR community to know about you? I love Mayonnaise. Especially in my spaghetti, Boom! Skeletons out of the closet.

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