Get to Know: Jen Laughlin

/Get to Know: Jen Laughlin

Get to Know: Jen Laughlin

Name: Jen Laughlin
DBR Ambassador/Core Team Member: Phoenix, Arizona

1. Favorite trail: Horse Creek Trail out of Mono Village in Bridgeport, CA
2. Favorite race: Santa Barbara Red Rock Trail Run
3. Favorite Running Fuel: Coke, potato chips and oranges
4. Favorite beer: A very rarely known craft beer out of Colorado called Coors Light
5. Favorite post run/race food: Pizza and Chardonnay
6. Favorite Shoes: Pearl Izumi M2
7. Bucket list race: Western States (same as everyone else ha ha!)
8. Fastest beer mile time: I have only ran one and it was a relay with my twin sister. The first half went great because she went first. I am pretty sure we DNF’d due to me not making the cut off.
9. How many miles per week do you run: I’m not a heavy mileage runner on a regular basis. When I’m not training I hover around 20 miles per week
10. Trail music: Yes! My favorite song at the moment is “Night Never Ending” by Avatar
11. You know you’re a dirtbag when: I feel my best when I’m dirty after running or being outdoors all day.
12. Favorite dirtbag home: Tent
13. Famous runner crush: Sally McRae. Love you Sally!
14. Famous runner you’d want to run with: Jim Walmsley. I want to see how many milliseconds I can keep up with him.
15. Last shower: Last night
16. Cross training activity of choice: Mountain biking. I’m new and not very good yet, but it’s really fun!
17. I’ve felt most like a badass runner when: The many times I have puked my guts out while running races and still crossed the finish line…still trying to work out that issue.
18. Piece of gear you can’t live without: DBR Bandito: For headband, sweatband, nose and mouth cover during haboobs, cholla spine removal from body parts…the list goes on!
19. Quirky habit while running: singing out loud and talking too much! That’s one of the reasons I run solo most of the time.
20. Three words that describe my running: unpredictable, funny, emotional
21. Go-to running outfit: Lululemon shorts or Patagonia crops and tank
22. Fun fact: At my very first trail race I was introduced to an extremely well known group of runners in the trail running community (unbeknownst to me at the time) and I looked down at their feet and said “OMG you are gonna run in those sandals?!?!” Yep… I was that girl ? (and I was talking to Maria Walton).
Thankfully the trail running community is extremely forgiving and accepting of ALL!

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*Credit Photo #3: Ron Ceton

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