2016 Dirtbag Gift Guide for the Holidays

If you’ve ever felt the stress of trying to find a last minute gift, you know you don’t want to procrastinate. Fortunately for you, we…


If you’ve ever felt the stress of trying to find a last minute gift, you know you don’t want to procrastinate. Fortunately for you, we decided to put together a list and make this year a little easier for you! These items are “Dirtbag Approved” and guaranteed to make the adventurer in your life happy this holiday season.

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Dirtbag Runners Pull-Over Hoodie in Cardinal


Price: $59

Stay warm this holiday season in the Limited Edition Dirtbag Runners Pull-Over Hoodie! Perfect for pre- and post-run, this hoodie is made for comfort. In Unisex, is the perfect gift for your dirtbag friend. Comes in Small, Medium, Large and XL. Limited quantities available.

Rumpl High Performance Blankets


Price: $65 – $145

Made from the same technical fabrics as your favorite sleeping bag, the Rumpl blankets will keep you warm and comfortable while out in the wild. Packing down to the size of softball, these blankets are portable, water repellent and with rip-stop material, they’ll last longer than your average blanket! The original Puffy Blanket and Super Fleece Collection Limited Edition are sure to make great gifts. Be sure to check out their accessories as well.

goodr Sunglasses


Price: $25

You may have already heard that the Dirtbag Runners love their goodr sunglasses. And why not? They’re affordable, provide polarized lenses, don’t bounce while you run and they bring a bit of style! If you live where the sun shines, get yourself a pair. *Be on the lookout for a DBR themed pair this Spring!

Helio Pressure Shower


Price: $75+

There comes a point when you just need a good cleaning even when a shower isn’t possible. The Helio Pressure Shower can be a blessing after long days roaming the desert or muddy days on the trail. Set it in the sun for a while and you’ll have a nice, toasty way to refresh yourself or your furry dog friend. Remember, being a Dirtbag is great, but not everyone enjoys our particular type of smell all the time!

Luna Sandals


Price: $60 – $110

It’s no secret that Dirtbag Runners go hand-in-hand like…peanut butter in jelly. Like milk and cereal. Like a dirtbag on a gorgeous single-track. (You get the idea.) Dirtbag Runners is proud to stand behind Luna – the best trail running sandal on the market. What we love most about Luna is the quality – guaranteed to last you three times longer than your typical running shoe.

GoSun Stove Sport


Price: $279

This stove converts sunlight into usable, radiant heat to cook meals in as little as 20 minutes. Whether you want veggies, eggs, meat or even dessert, this little portable stove is perfect for the Dirtbag lifestyle! Be sure to check out the GoSun YouTube Channel for great recipes from real owners.

Northern Brewer Homebrew Starter Kit


Price: $70 – $180

Ever wanted to brew your own beer? Winter is the perfect time to give it a go and Northern Brewer has you covered with several starter kit options. Once you have the supplies and a couple batches under your belt, you just need to convince your spouse that it’s actually cheaper and higher quality than buying beer in the store. Good luck.

*Check out Randy Mosher’s Mastering Homebrew book to learn recipes and advanced techniques.

Ruffwear Dog Products

dog      booties

Price: $15 – $150

Most dogs are Dirtbags at heart and what better way to treat your little buddy than some gear from Ruffwear. Whether you need a portable dog food container, a dog bed, toys, harnesses or booties for snowy trails, Ruffwear provides quality products and outstanding customer service. They even have a carseat cover with our groups namesake!

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System


Price: $40

If you’ve ever been in the backcountry and run out of water, you know how important a water filtration system can be. Sawyer makes a collapsible, portable system that fits most water bottle caps. A former Backpacker Editor’s Choice Award winner, each pouch works hundreds of times so this is an investment that can last you several years.

*If you want something slightly different, check out the Lifestraw Steel water filter ($54 at REI).

Dirtbag Runners / Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap









Price: $45

Not that anyone is really worried about getting naked out in the mountains, but when you find yourself in town and need a quick change, the Dirtbag Runners Edition of the Orange Mud Transition Towel will cover your private parts without the worry of it falling off. Plus, it doubles as a car seat cover so your Dirtbag smell doesn’t permeate into your seat!

Victory Sportdesign Bear II Bag


Price: $85

There’s nothing worse than coming into an aid station searching for your drop bag. Once you finally find it, all of your gear is unorganized and hard to find! Solution: Victory Sportdesign’s Bear II bag. Created to make your racing more organized, each bag is customizable so you you don’t have to search through the stack of drop bags. Get your stuff and get back into the race!

EPIC Bar – Whole Animal Gift Set (For Him & Her)


Price: $2.50 – $99 (Gift Package)

Epic Bar has put a lot of time and energy into making high quality foods that are easy to access and help make the environment better (which is something we are hugely in support of here at DBR). Each item contained within these gift sets come from the same herd of cattle and represent a deep commitment to realizing the full bounties of nature, eliminating waste, and creating premium animal based products. One of the most unique holiday gifts of the season, The Whole Animal Set will be a cherished and celebrated by all!

Packed with love, this gift set (Example of the gift set – For Her) will include:

two EPIC Bars: Beef Apple Bacon & Beef Habanero Cherry
one EPIC Mountain Medley Hunt & Harvest Mix
one EPIC Beef Steak Cranberry Sriracha Bites
one White Oak Pastures Leather Clutch
one White Oak Pastures Beef Tallow Peppermint Lip Balm
one White Oak Pastures Beef Tallow Peppermint Soap

On Cyber Monday (11/28) Epic is having a site-wide sale of 25% off using the code ANEPICSTEAL16. Snag this amazing gift basket for the one you love!

We hope all of you within the Dirtbag Universe have a safe and happy holidays!