Get to Know: Kim Bessler

Name: Kim BesslerDBR Ambassador: Core Team – Instagram & Social Media Influencer Location: Golden, Colorado Facebook   Adventuresofthepint 1.  Favorite Trail:  My favorite trail is not…

Name: Kim Bessler
DBR Ambassador: Core Team – Instagram & Social Media Influencer
Location: Golden, Colorado

1.  Favorite Trail:  My favorite trail is not the most beautiful.  It is the 6 mile loop on Green Mountain behind my apartment.  It has been my go to run for 3 years.  I have seen it in every season, every light, every kind of weather.  I have seen it burn in a wildfire.  I have run it happy, sad, frustrated, angry, drunk…I know every curve of the trail, every rock, every blade of grass.  It is the familiarity that makes it home.  It will always be my favorite.
2.  Favorite Race:  Indian Creek 50 Miler, it was beautiful, challenging, and I dry heaved for the last 14 miles. Other runners said they could hear me from miles away.
3.  Favorite Running Fuel: Sandwiches and chocolate
4.  Favorite Beer: Whiskey
5.  Favorite Post-run/race Food:  Chipotle white rice bowl
6.  Favorite Shoes: Saucony Xodus
7.  Bucket List Race:  The Barkley Marathons
8.  Fastest Beer Mile Time:  I have never done a beer mile but I would be willing to do a whiskey mile, wait, that sounds like a terrible idea.
9.  How many miles per week do you run:  I don’t pay too much attention to miles, my focus is on vertical gain.  I try to get 10,000 to 20,000 feet of climbing in per week. 
10. Trail Music:  I love music so much, sometimes I listen to it, sometimes I don’t. My favorite band is Rancid.  Cause I’m a punk rocker, yes I am. 
11. You know you’re a Dirtbag when:  for an entire summer you have permanent ankle dirt lines and you legit can’t scrub them off.
12. Favorite type of Dirtbag home:  I converted my two door Honda Civic Lola into a mobile home in April of 2015.  I pulled out the back seats and built a hinged bed.  I travel every break I get from school and live out of her.  You have to see it to believe it but she even has soft lighting.  It allows me to see this continent on a very tight budget.
13. Famous runner crush:  It will always and forever be Anton Krupicka
14. Famous runner you’d want to run with:  Jenn Shelton, she seems like so much fun. 
15. When was your last shower:  I shower two to three times a week.  I’m totally gross.
16. What is your crosstraining activity of choice:  Rock climbing, bouldering, yoga, snowboarding, recently gotten into cross fit.
17. I felt most like a badass runner when:  I ran away from a bear and Strava showed a three minute and thirty second mile.  I call it the bear mile. 
18. Piece of gear you can’t live without:  My body, everything else is disposable. 
19. What is a quirky habit you have while running:  Dancing
20. Three words that describe your running:  Free Free Free
21. Your go-to running outfit is:  What ever I pick up off my floor.
22. What do you want to be when you grown up:  I am in engineering school.  I want to go into renewable energy but since the Trump administration hates the planet after I graduate I may permanently move into my car and pick fruit seasonally for a living.

Anything else you’d like the DBR community to know about you:   I have met some really incredible people through Dirtbag Runners.  It is an amazing community that I am so thankful to be a part of.