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That Dirtbag Kinda Love

As people are planning last minute trips to the store to pick up a Valentine’s Day card, red roses or a box of chocolate, we thought it would be fun to share some Dirtbag Runners love from our team of Ambassadors. Our loved ones put up with our incessant running and adventuring, but they still care for and support us…even when it means they’ve had zero sleep and are waiting at an aid station freezing their ass off.

This blog post is for you all: spouses, friends, family & adventure buddies. We know the shit we put you through and we want to make sure you know that you are truly appreciated and loved!

Clint & Rebecca Welch – Married 18+ years

Leigh & Mike Scarber – Married 5+ years

Steve & Theresa Novicki – Married 18+ years

Pete & Doenice Chavez – Married 4+ years

Sophie Tsairis & Boyfriend/Best Friend Kale Snavely – Together 3+ years

Arthur Elias & Family – Left to right: Father (Mike), Mother (Vicky), friend (Ray), friend (Brett), friend (Sarah), friend (Trey)

Jane Maus (right) and best friend Sedona King – Friends 8+ years

Kara Clark & Jack Rosenfeld – Together 4+ years

Marie-Eve Pelland & Mathieu Dumont – Married 4+ years

Mike & Emily Coutu – Married (nearly) 10 years

Gary & Denise Davidson – Married (nearly) 4 years  and together 14 years

Luis Felipe Higueras & Cynthia Rabines Del Bosque – Married 1+ year and together 10 years

Henry Hayford-Taylor & Claire Janigo – Together 1 year

Kindle Fuega & Carlos Lucio – Together 6 years

Gina Crosswhite & Richard Middaugh – Together 7 months

Valerie & Ryan Schave – Married 14+ years

Michael & Sarah Burke – Married 11+ years and together for 16 years

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