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Name: Maili CostaDBR Ambassador: Marin County, California Facebook 1. Favorite Race: Inside Trail Racing’s Rodeo Valley 50k in the Marin Headlands. It’s a race practically…


Name: Maili Costa
DBR Ambassador: Marin County, California

1. Favorite Race: Inside Trail Racing’s Rodeo Valley 50k in the Marin Headlands. It’s a race practically in my back yard, with views that take my breath away every. single. time. No matter how many times I run there.
2. Favorite Running Fuel: Tailwind Nutrition (Green tea flavor to be exact!) Hands down the best fuel I’ve ever used. I’m generally a low carb/high fat runner, so when I run races TW is like rocket fuel! And no stomach issues.
3. Favorite Beer: Sorry DBRs, but I’m not a beer drinker. Give me some Revive Kombucha with a splash of High West Campfire Whiskey and I’m a happy runner girl!
4. Favorite Post-run/race Food: Usually a gigantic salad (yes, I’m THAT weirdo!) and a huge plate of loaded nachos.
5. Favorite Shoes: I love my Nike Wildhorse and Kigers. I’ve yet to find a trail shoe I like more than either of these.
6. Bucket List Race: I, like so many others, dream of getting to Western States 100 one day.  But along the way I want to run Tarawera 100k in New Zealand, UTMB or CCC, and the Grand Canyon R2R2R (unsupported with friends – planning on Fall of 2018!)
7. How many miles per week do you run: Totally depends on what I’m training for and what life allows. Since I’m currently training for Canyons 100k AND newly homeschooling my daughter, mileage is on the low side of around 40 mpw. Over the summer while training for Javelina Jundred I’d like to be in the 60-70 range. Though 45-55 mpw seems to be my sweet spot in general since I tend to be a bit injury-prone.
8. You know you’re a Dirt Bag when…You take great pride in your stink, muddy legs and shoes, and salt caked face at brunch/lunch/dinner immediately post-race/run. No shame in the stank!
9. I felt most like a badass runner when…At mile 77 at Javelina Jundred last year,  I was set to drop and get a ride back to headquarters (a.ka. Jeadquarters) after hobbling 16 miles on a stress reaction in my foot, but decided instead to hobble it in. I completed that 4th loop, with my husband holding my hand the entire way. And even though it massively sucked to have to go to the finish tent and hand over my bib rather than collect a 100 mile finishers buckle, I was so freaking proud of finishing that loop, and those 81 miles on a day with record high heat.  Maybe I didn’t quite feel badass until later… race amnesia has set in, so you know, it’s all rainbows and butterflies looking back now.
 10. Your go-to running outfit is: Black Oiselle Roga shorts (DBR logo’d ones are the best of course!), Oiselle tank top, Injinji socks, Nike Wildhorse shoes, Orange Mud pack. I’ve been told this is my “uniform”
11. What’s one mistake you can’t seem to learn from: I seem to be allergic to remembering to pack my headlamp! A few notable head lamp debacles (or rather complete F-ups!) was forgetting my headlamps on a 20 mile section pacing a friend at Tahoe 200 last year, forgetting my headlamp before heading out to course mark the night before a race, and not having headlamps in my pack in the middle of a 20 mi Javelina Jundred loop as it was getting dark. Fortunately in each situation I had some amazing person save my ass, most notably, Jim Walmsley at JJ gave me a headlamp at Jack Ass Junction aid station (the middle of the loop!) I was just slightly star struck to say the least.
12. Famous runner crush: I’m all about the runner girl crushes! Magda Boulet, Devon Yanko, Sally McRae. These women inspire me, totally blow my mind with their strength and determination, and each brings such positivity to the trail running community.
13. Three words that describe your running: Joyful. Social. Freeing.

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