Get to Know: Sophie Tsairis

/Get to Know: Sophie Tsairis

Get to Know: Sophie Tsairis

Name: Sophie Tsairis
DBR Ambassador: Bozeman, Montana

1. Favorite Trail: The Teton Crest Trail, in Grand Teton National Park! Mountain passes with views of my favorite mountains all day long.
2. Favorite Race: The Rut in Big Sky Montana! I really love races that involve technical uphills and steep downhill falling!
3. Favorite Fuel: Bearded Brother Bars—they are delicious, nutritious, and don’t make my belly hurt! My favorite is the Colossal Cocount Mango! But my favorite fuel by far is foraged huckleberries and thimbleberries while on the trail.
4. Favorite Beer: Tequila
5. Famous runner crush: Jenn Shelton. She doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously and I like that. She can also crush pizzas and all the beers while running 100’s of miles. #goals.
6. Favorite people to run with: My gal pals. Some seriously weird stuff comes out in conversation during long runs. What happens on the trail stays on the trail.
7. How many miles a week do you run: Anywhere between 10 and 70!
8. You know you’re a dirt bag when: You carry around 3 backpacks everywhere you go—one with a sports bra and both your technical and non technical trail shoes, one with climbing gear, and one with snacks and multiple beverages just in case. Also when you’re driving in your car and you think you smell a dead animal but it’s your running shoes.
9. What is a quirky habit you have while running: Singing my whole life’s-story to the grizzly bears so they wont eat me.
10. Your go-to running outfit is: Running skirts! They just make me feel freeeeee.
11. What is your cross training activity of choice: Rock climbing, trail napping.
12. Trail Music: Sometimes if I’m doing an out and back on roads, which I dislike, I will listen to music or podcasts on the way out, and then turn off the music for the way back. It mixes up my vibes and keeps things interesting.
13. Three words that describe your running: I don’t have three words, but my boyfriend always jokes about how when I’m being cranky I need to get outside for a run or some kind of physical activity. I immediately go from a grumpy bum to the happiest human alive!


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