Get to Know: Clint Green

Name: Clint GreenDBR Ambassador: Tulsa, Oklahoma Facebook 1. Favorite Trail: I’d have to say a tie. My first real mountain climb was La Luz…


Name: Clint Green
DBR Ambassador: Tulsa, Oklahoma

1. Favorite Trail: I’d have to say a tie. My first real mountain climb was La Luz Trail in Albuquerque so it holds a special place in my heart. My favorite since then has got to be Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon. Everyone likes Kaibab because that’s the trail everyone does R2R2R on. In my opinion though Bright Angel is much more beautiful.
2. Favorite Race: My favorite race I’ve ever been to I actually didn’t even run in. Last year at Arkansas Traveler 100 I helped crew and pace for my first time at a hundo. It was an amazing experience. We had several local runners in the race and all the Tulsa crews helped any of our locals. In between crewing the runners it was just chillin’ and drinking beer while our buddy Victor played guitar. It was a blast!!! I never knew crewing and pacing was so fun. Haha
3. Favorite Running Fuel: I use GU’s a lot on long runs. In races at aid stations I mostly stick to PBJ’s, chips or soup. I don’t like anything heavy during a run.
4. Favorite Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon for sure. It’s a good all around beer and the best for a beer mile. Nice light and smooth. I actually never tried PBR until a few years ago. Always figured it couldn’t be very good since it’s so cheap. Turns out the low price is just a bonus.
5. Favorite Post-run/race Food: I always feel the need for something sweet after a run so I usually throw down an Angry Orchard along with whatever is edible around me.
6. Favorite Shoes: Brooks Cascadias or Hoka ATR’s. I like a ton of cushion unlike most of the trail running scene.
7. Bucket List Race: I’m more of an adventurer than racer. I don’t really have one big race. As long as it’s a big party on trails I wanna check it out.
8. Fastest Beer Mile Time: I’ve done a few but can’t remember my times honestly. They were all followed by more beer.
9. How many miles per week do you run: Typically about 40. If I’m training for a race then a little more.
10. Trail Music: Absolutely never. I like to enjoy all of nature when I run. The sights, smells and sounds. All that combined can get me into almost a meditative state of mind.
11. You know you’re a Dirtbag when: You take a 9hr road trip to check out a trail that only takes you a few hours to run.
12. Favorite type of Dirtbag home: My dream home would be a small RV. Currently do the 9 to 5 life living in an apartment then travel/camp on weekends.
13. Famous runner crush: Jenn Shelton. She’s so cute in every way. Funny and just an all around bad ass.
14. Famous runner you’d want to run with: Don’t really care about that. I just love running with friends.
15. When was your last shower: I shower nightly unless I’m camping. Sorry, so undirtbaggy of me. Haha
16. What is your crosstraining activity of choice: Starting to mix in weights a bit. Don’t really cross train much.
17. I felt most like a badass runner when: Two weeks ago. Finished my first hundo despite being way under trained due to sickness and injury. Looking back I will NEVER do another hundo under trained. Felt nice to get the first buckle though.
18. Piece of gear you can’t live without: Snap back for sure. I only wear hats when I run. If I run without one though I feel naked. Just feels weird.
19. Three words that describe your running: Enjoy the view.
20. Your go-to running outfit is: I actually typically wear basketball shorts which my buddies give me crap about. “You running to a basketball game bro?”
21. What do you want to be when you grown up: Young again.

Anything else you’d like the DBR community to know about you:
I guess my basic story is trail running saved my life. It has helped me battle depression. The friends I’ve made in the sport of ultra running are some of the best people I’ve ever known. My local running group is my family. Thanks to DBR I have an extended family. I met a lot of people at the camp and run last year at Reyes Creek who I will always keep in contact with through social media. Can’t wait for the family reunion at Born To Run!