Dirtbag Running: The Gear Guide

Written by DBR Ambassador Leigh Scarber. Dirtbag runners are known for their tendency towards a minimalist lifestyle, getting their feet in the dirt outdoors, and…


Written by DBR Ambassador Leigh Scarber.

Dirtbag runners are known for their tendency towards a minimalist lifestyle, getting their feet in the dirt outdoors, and celebrating life through building relationships in the community. That being said, we need at least a couple of pieces of gear to keep us thriving!

Whether we acquire our gear new, used, or handed down from another dirtbag, there’s always a guarantee that it’ll get used until the wheels fall off. For example, I personally have had the same pairs of running shorts for upwards of 10 years (don’t judge me) and I will wear them until the elastic falls out. Or until my butt starts showing. 🙂

Gear is very personal and can make us very recognizable on the trail. It’s safe to say we all have a bit of flair. I had the distinct pleasure of polling my fellow ambassadors about their must-have pieces of gear, and here is what they said:

Gear Must-Haves: Footwear

Cherie Yanek: My screw shoes. I’ve lost a few pairs of Yaktrax mid-run but find that screw shoes make it possible to run on ice and easier to run in the snow without fear. Here’s how: http://skyrunner.com/screwshoe.htm

Crista Tappan: My Luna sandals!

Kristen Mohror: Chacos

Gear Must-Haves: Clothing

Miguel Angel Moreno: My lucky yellow shirt.

Michaela Pye: Wool compression socks (they’re so effective in cold weather).

Valerie Urbas Schave: Something with pockets (shorts, tights, jacket, vest, etc).

Lizzie Kenney: My Patagonia Houdini. It has saved me from drastic changes in weather too many times to count! (Cherie Yanek second this).

Jenny Dalimata: My Arctyryx Atom hoodie. It packs up small, it’s light, has a hood, provides instant warmth and windbreaks. I don’t go out into the mountains without it (but when you’re really getting serious, don’t run up to a mountain lake without a beach towel and a can of beer…).

Gear Must-Haves: Tech

Bobby Le: My watch. I am a data nerd, so I like to relive everything through numbers after my runs.

Bri Wright: My music and camera (AKA my iPhone).

Gear Must-Haves: Accessories

Pamela Drotman Broudy: Water pack with plenty of pockets.

Laura Ippolito: My buff. It’s so versatile: it can be used for sun protection, or as a headband/neck warmer when it’s cold! I never leave for a run without one.

Michael Burke: Might be an odd one, but a roll of Leukotape. It’s a fabric tape I put on the heels and balls of my feet before races or long runs. I never have foot issues anymore!

Cailiegh Colo: My ‘Train, Race, Beer’ trucker hat!

Graham Kelly: A small Ortleib A5 size map case – keeps a paper map, some cash and my phone nice and dry… important in Scotland where the weather tends to be pish!

Jen Laughlin: Dirtbag Runners bandito. So many uses!

Matty Berube: Seems so basic, but my water bottles. Those good, large, resuable H2O holders.

Steven Novitscus: Buff (seconded by Gary Davidson)

Michelle Evans: My Lunas… Bandana… and my big ass hat!

Gear Must-Haves: All The Rest

Elizabeth Halleran: Anti-chafe/body glide. I put that stuff on everything.

Bobbi Sawchyn: Cherry Limeaid Nuun tabs and any flavor of Clif Bloks (with caffeine to keep me going for those long runs!).

Emily Compton: My dog.

Jenny Dalimata: On a more serious note, bear spray where we live isn’t even a question. I encounter them often and have been charged five separate times; all five times bear spray saved me from physical contact. If you run in the mountains, especially alone, suck it up and carry it where you can be ready to deploy in no less than two seconds.

Andy Reed: Aeropress!

Jamie Marcellus: Nipple covers (K-tape)… chafing is a bitch.

Pete Chavez: TP.

Yamina Pressler: Chapstick. All the chapstick!

Hamid Reza Kashefi: Not gear and has no cost, but my family and close friends. No achievement or adventure is worth anything without them.

And me? My Ultimate Direction Jenny Vesta and my DBR Bandito. 🙂

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