Reflections and Resolutions (from your 2018 DBR Ambassadors)

2018 was a year for the books. Your DBR founder Crista Tappan and the DBR Creative Director Michael Tappan began an exciting new chapter in…


2018 was a year for the books. Your DBR founder Crista Tappan and the DBR Creative Director Michael Tappan began an exciting new chapter in Portland, Oregon. The crew ran, raced, and even relayed through the elements at the Los Coyotes Ragnar. Not to mention, had an all-star ambassador team.

From California to Canada to Switzerland, we asked our 2018 ambassadors to recount some of their favorite memories of the year and where we can catch them in the one to come.

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Eve Rebennack (Phoenix, AZ). 2018 Accomplishments: Finished my first 100k (Quicksilver) and 100 miler (Javelina Jundred); 2019 Aspirations: More racing and adventures. But it will be hard to top 2018!

Julie Burges (West Sacramento, CA). 2018 Moments: Camping and running with the DBR Team at Ragnar Los Coyotes; 2018 Accomplishment: Running a 50k only 12 weeks after breaking my hip; 2019 Aspirations: Finishing the race that broke my hip in 2018!

Pamela Drotman Broudy (San Diego, CA). 2018 Moments: It’s a toss-up between running with DBR at Ragnar or participating in my first Born to Run; 2018 Accomplishment: Finishing a 25k without getting lost! 2019 Aspirations: To get faster at the half-marathon or 25k distances so that I’m not the very last person across the finish line! 🙂

Colton Gale (Bend, OR).  2018 Moment: An incredible backpacking adventure around Pamelia Lake in the Jefferson Wilderness of Oregon; 2018 Accomplishment: Finishing 2nd at the Ultra Trail Harricana du Canada 125k, my longest race to date; 2019 Aspirations: a massive road marathon PR (with hopes of an Olympic Trials qualifier), a Western States 100 qualifier, and most importantly, seeing at least one sunrise a week while in running shoes.

Crista Tappan (Portland, OR). 2018 Moments: Los Coyotes Ragnar Relay with fellow dirtbags, running with the Adidas Terrex crew in Boulder, CO, and moving to Portland! 2019 Aspirations: Running the Wy’East Wonder 50K in June here in Portland.

Jamie Marcellus (Toronto, ON, Canada). 2018 Moments: (THIS), along with the Haliburton Forest 100 (great times!); 2019 Aspirations: Getting outdoors and on trails as often as possible.

Marie-Eve Pelland (Stoneham, QC, Canada). 2018 Moment: Giving birth (which feels an awful lot like an ultra); 2018 Accomplishments: Becoming a mom and running 1000km while pregnant; 2019 Aspirations: To return to the ultra scene asap! I would also love to run a 50 miler by the end of the year.

Lizzie Kenney (Eugene, OR). 2018 Moments: Summiting all Three Sisters in Oregon this summer, and then being proposed to on the final (and toughest) peak; 2019 Aspirations: To bag more peaks, run more races, and run an ultra while also planning for my upcoming wedding.

Jenny Dalimata (Bozeman, MT). 2018 Moment: While out on an adventure run, I ran and climbed one of Montana’s most technical climbs (without the requirement of gear) while solo. I’m calling it run mountaineering! I really like to do challenging, technical runs on my own, which I find very empowering. 2019 Aspirations: I aspire to be living in my van, traveling to run mountains, visiting people, and racing while using my beaded jewelry to buy food and gas.

Stephanie Dar (Freehold, NY). 2018 Accomplishment: Finishing the Catskill Mountain 100k (there is more of a story here… but yay for not quitting!); 2019 Aspirations: To hopefully crush the Georgia Death Race this spring.

Gary Davidson (Browns Mills, NJ). 2018 Moment: Summiting Kala Patthar (18514’) in Nepal, looking down at Everest Base Camp and up at Everest as the morning sun rose behind it; 2019 Aspirations: More epic car-camping trips; more drum circles; to summit Mount Rosa in Colorado (since lightning chased me away just shy of the summit this year); and more dirtbagging in general!

Michelle Evans. 2018 Moment: Born to Run. 2019 Aspirations: Born to Run!

Leigh Scarber (Ventura, CA). 2018 Moment: Camping and running at Mineral King in Sequoia National Park; 2018 Accomplishment: Starting my own business in order to serve more runners and live more authentically; 2019 Aspirations: trying my hand at some shorter distance trail races for a nice change. 🙂

Alex Carrion (Simi Valley, CA). 2018 Moment: Getting married to my soulmate for sure; 2018 Accomplishment: Pushing through on Cuyamaca 100k. I was mentally done and wanted to quit before going out on the 3rd and last loop – but finished. 2019 Aspirations: Running more trails and meet more dirtbag runners!

Seth T. Longacre (Carlsbad, CA). 2018 Moment: DBR New Year’s at Ray Miller; 2018 Accomplishment: Running at least two miles a day for 30 days in August (30 runs in 30 days); 2019 Aspirations: Finish the 30mi at Born to Run.

Ratchakit Freez Sakuldee (Nongchok Bangkok, Thailand). 2018 Moment: Helping my family business, Guide Touring; 2019 Aspirtations: To start my dream race, the Hurt 100, and to ru my first 100-miler.

Giles Moore (Queensland, Australia). 2018 Moment: Being able to run with my six-year-old boy. 2019 Aspiration: Running my first 100-miler.

Elizabeth Halleran (Banff, AB, Canada). 2018 Moment: Running the Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe! I was supposed to run TNF50 a few days before which got cancelled due to the forest fires. Instead, I ended up with a few free days in Lake Tahoe with bluebird skies and great trail recommendations from friends (thanks Andy Reed)! It was the first time all year I wasn’t training for something and truly just getting out for the love of it. 2019 Aspirations: Race less and adventure more!

Andy Reed. 2018 Moment: A sprint finish for second place at the Canadian Death Race! 2019 Aspirations: To have fun, stay injury free, and push hard!

Markus Frei (Basel, Switzerland). 2018 Moment: Swiss Trail Tour in the Alps; 2019 Aspiration: Born to Run.

Pete Chavez (Gilbert, AZ). 2018 Moment: Being best man at a dirtbag wedding at Born to Run. 2019 Aspiration: Born to Run 100 miler.

Josh Wentzell (Pittsburgh, PA). 2018 Accomplishment: Conquer the Castle 100k where I came 2nd male and 3rd overall, while PRing every trail distance I’ve ever raced during the process; 2019 Aspiration: Running a sub-24 hour 100-miler.

Bobbi Sawchyn (Hamilton, ON, Canada). 2018 Moment: After bowing out of the Squamish 50-miler due to injury, I instead hopped ship to North Carolina where I surprised myself by solo-running Mt. Mitchell and two other peaks (for a total of three) on my 33rd birthday; 2019 Aspirations: To rebuild my foundation after injury, make the move from east coast to west, and to FINALLY run my #1 bucket list race: Backcountry Rise 50k.

Well, it looks like one thing is for certain: we should all have Born to Run on our list of ‘must-run’ races!

The DBR team sends you all a happy, dirty and adventurous new year.