The Good, The Great, The Dirty: 2018’s Best DBR Articles

/The Good, The Great, The Dirty: 2018’s Best DBR Articles

The Good, The Great, The Dirty: 2018’s Best DBR Articles

Happy 2019 Dirtbags! To kick off the new year, we took a look at some of our favorite pieces from the one that just passed. We covered a lot of ground over the last 365 days — check to see if your fave made the cut!

  1. Founder’s Fave:
    Dirtbag Profiles: 7 Originals Worth Knowing by 2018 Ambassador Stephanie Dar

2. The One That Makes Us Want To Run:
Trail Destination: New Zealand by 2018 Ambassador Britta Clark

Trail running, New Zealand, Dirtbag Runners, trail running

3. The One That Makes Running Fun:
HASHERS: ‘The Drinking Club with a Running Problem’ by 2018 DBR Ambassador Gary Davidson

Dirtbag Runners, Hashrun, Hashers, Trail Running

4. The Dirtbags Dirtiest:
The Best Tips and Tricks for any Dirtbag a 2018 Ambassador Collaboration

5. The One With All the Grit:
The Mental Side of Ultra Training by 2018 Ambassador Mike Coutu

5. News for Newbs:
Trail Tips for the Newbie Runner by 2018 Ambassador Marie-Eve Pelland

6. Topical and Timely:
A Dirbag’s Reasons to Rally for Public Lands by 2018 Ambassador Bobbi Sawchyn

8. The One With All the Info:
On Injuries (And How to Wrap our Heads Around Them) by 2018 Ambassador Kristen Mohror

Injury, recovery

7. The One With All the Inspo:
Exploring the Trails with Type I Diabetes by 2018 Ambassador Amy McKinnon

Make sure to keep your eye on the DBR blog in 2019 — we’ve got plenty more content coming your way!

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