Born To Run: The Dirtbag Family Reunion

This past month, thousands of dirtbags from around the world united for the tenth annual Born To Run Ultramarathon. Race Director and owner of AllWeDoIsRun…

Photo by Kaori Peters

This past month, thousands of dirtbags from around the world united for the tenth annual Born To Run Ultramarathon. Race Director and owner of AllWeDoIsRun events Luis Escobar hosted the event on the Ted Chamberlain cattle ranch in Los Olivos, California.

The weekend was filled with games, beer miles, camping, new friends and old. For five days, runners competed in distances ranging from 0.0K (over 100 runners participated by drinking a beer at the finish line), 10 Mile, 50K, 60 Mile, 100 Mile, 200 Mile and a Four-Day timed event.

Other notable moments at Born To Run? Well – we crowd-funded paying for Metalatchi, a mariachi meets metal hardcore punk band, to play for us at the Dirtbag Runners Prom on Saturday night. The cloudy skies spelled trouble for us, but like the dirtbags we are, we prevailed. It thundered and rained, and rather than canceling the music event, we combined all of our pop-ups into a makeshift canopy and danced the night away.

We asked a few of our friends and DBR ambassadors to share their favorite parts from the weekend:

“I completed my first ultra in a few years and completed it with a smile, no less. I was reminded of what I absolutely love about the trail community on so many different levels” – Kara Clark, DBR Ambassador Coordinator, 50K

“My first year attending, went only really having conversations with y’all on [social media]. Within 20 minutes of being there, I ran into the DBR family and became instant friends. Such a great community. See y’all next year” – Kenny Campbell, 60 Mile

“So many photos but I’m going to choose one with no people. There’s something that really sings to my heart when I view the born to run camp from cell phone hill. Looking down the hill and seeing so many camps set up by so many different people. Yet they’re all enjoying the same thing. The sense of community is incredible whether it’s your first time or your tenth.” – Pam Broudy

“I have so many favorites (one that includes her looking at the LEGO Lava Walk ?), but I think this one of the landscape and the trails speaks to me. BTR was amazeballs, but the run was breathtaking!” – Julie Burgess

This moment, captured by Mike Scarber during the Dirtbag Prom:

“Completed the 60 miler at Born To Run, my longest distance to date! So fucking stoked on how great the day was… my highlights were from sharing three loops with different runners, including 10 of Walter H’s 200, and 10 shared with DBR’s Marcus Rentie!! It was great having him out there, truly an experience I’ll never forget. Unfortunately my tent leaked in all the rain after my run, making my night a difficult one. But the love & happiness I felt on the ranch is something I hope you all get to experience.. can’t wait for next year!!” – Christopher Flower, 60 Mile

Marcus Rentie’s video capture of BTR:

Crista Tappan’s Photo Gallery:

Written by DBR Founder Crista Tappan