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Name: Brianna “Bri” Wright

Currently lives in: Ashland, Oregon

About her: Bri is a family nurse practitioner student living in Ashland, Oregon. When she isn’t studying, she is trail running, fastpacking, rock climbing, bagging peaks, bikepacking, mountain unicycling, or living out of her Jeep Wrangler.

Goals for 2018: Running more than 1,000 miles, finishing another ultramarathon (or two…or three…), maintaining her Mt. McLoughling QOM, climbing three California Fourteeners in one day, watching a meteor shower on top of Mt. Whitney, and making Dirtbag-worthy modifications to her Jeep.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Bri would like to do as many fastpacking adventures as she can. In addition, she is also interested in running the Wild Wild West 50K or marathon in May, the Bishop High Sierra Ultra 50 miler in June, the Siskiyou Out Back (SOB) 50K or 50 Mile in July, and/or the Over the Hill Track Club High Sierra 50K in December. Bri also plan to maintain my Mt. McLoughlin Strava QOM, and in doing so will plan lots of group runs on the volcano.

You can follow her one-wheeled, four-wheeled, or two-legged adventures on Instagram: @bwrightback or on Strava: Brianna Wright (Unicyclist)!