Britta Clark

Name: Britta Clark

Currently lives in: Dunedin, New Zealand

About her: Britta Clark is a native Vermonter who loves running/thinking over things. She’s currently in New Zealand on a Fulbright to study environmental philosophy and intergenerational justice, but spends most weekends running, skiing or hiking. She hopes to compete in her first 100km race this year, potentially during her upcoming travels to Asia, and for training she plans to run each of NZ’s ‘Great Walks.’ She likes free vegetables and eating canned lentils in parking lots.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Running all of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’.
Motatapu 50k in New Zealand in March.
Running the ‘Everest 3 Passes Route’ in Nepal.
Penang Eco 100km in Malaysia in May.
…then it’s back to America in June and we’ll see!!!

Find her globetrotting adventures on Instagram: @brittanofilters