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Name: Carly Eisley

Currently lives in: North Stonington, Connecticut

About her: Carly lives in North Stonington, Connecticut with her awesome husband and two rescue dogs. Carly loves all things outdoors, especially trail running, hiking, camping, and cycling. Her 2018 plans include getting outside as much as possible, laughing often, and enjoying hoppy IPA’s with good people. Race goal for the year – PR a 50k.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: So far the Traprock 50k in CT on 4/14, Soapstone Mountain 24k on 5/20, Nipmuck South 14 miler on 6/10, Chocorua Mountain Race 16 miler on 6/17, Kilkenny Ridge Race 50 miler on 7/14, and the NH Ragged 75 Stage Race on 8/10. Fall schedule is TBD but will include plenty of New England rocks and roots!

You can find her on Instagram (@AdventureSneaker), Twitter (@AdventureSneakr) and on her Blog at