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Name: Chad Hinkle

Currently lives in: Santa Maria, California

About him: Chad’s dirtbaggery started with rock climbing. His activities have expanded to trail running and mountain unicycling, and the dirtbag lifestyle endures. A long time resident of the Central Coast of California, Chad is an active member of Santa Maria Valley Open Space (an open space and trail advocacy group), and founding member of the Santa Maria Valley Trail Runners.

Goals for 2018: Continue to build the Santa Maria Valley Trail Runners, and participate in the Santa Barbara 9 Trails as well as organize a group run through the Ventana Wilderness.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Volunteer for La Cuesta, Mokeulmney 50k, Volunteer and run 30 at BTR, Ventana adventure run, City to the Sea 1/2, Spooners Cove 25k…

For a better glimpse into some awesome trails and music, check out Chad’s Instagram: @mister.chad

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