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Name: Gary Davidson

Currently lives in: Browns Mills, New Jersey

About him: Gary Davidson “Runs” has been a Dirtbag all his life. He’s always loved being in the woods and exploring new trails, hills, and caves. He spent most of his childhood hiking and running on Davidson Hill (yes named for his family) in southern Vermont. He’s competed in triathlons, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer as well as Nordic and Alpine skiing over the years but trail running is his passion.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Mt Tammany 10/10/12 (10 climbs, 10hr limit, 12K’gain, 40miles) , Mountain Madness 50K and Batona 50K along with a trip up Mt Everest!

Find him on Instagram: @GaryDavidsonRuns, Twitter: @GaryDavidsonRuns and Facebook: Gary Davidson Runs

Be sure to keep up with Gary’s “Trail Tales” Blog: