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Name: Graham Kelly

Currently lives in: Glasgow, Scotland

About him: Endurance and adventure have always fascinated Graham and both have been a major part of his life for …well most of it. His background is firmly based in the Scottish Mountains – a mix of Munros, Corbetts, scrambling & hill running. Given a winter, he can be seen on alpine and cross country skis and sometimes skinning up a hillside on old touring kit. Dedicated beard wearer and proud of the ink that’s in his skin. Graham can occasionally be seen wearing a kilt at a “ceilidh”–a Scottish term used to describe the act of drinking whisky until you can waltz perfectly in time.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: A return to Urique in March for another Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco, then back to California in May for Born to Run, and a pile of mountain / fell races in the UK throughout the year.

For awesome scenery and equally wonderful beard pictures, check out his Instagram: @northbound_driftwood andhis Twitter: @Tae_the_north!

And for more of his globetrotting adventures, be sure to peep at his Blog: “Jist trying not to get killed or caught.”
Here’s a short story to get you started: A Scottish Dirtbag Tale