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Name: Jenny Dalimata

Currently lives in: Bozeman, Montana

About her: Jenny is a native Montanan from the Nyack Valley, near the west entrance to Glacier National Park. She grew up running wild and ranching in the mountains there with her seven brothers and now lives in Bozeman, Montana where she is thirstily exploring the mountain ranges nearby. She works hard and plays hard and spends all the time she can outside, trail running, mountain climbing, skiing, and loving it. She is an artist and a musician, and pours delicious beers and cocktails for the people for work. Her goals for the year include exploring the Wind River Range in Wyoming, applying to an awesome massage therapy school, and returning from a knee injury to racing.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: More exploring in the mountains of SW MT! She would love to get down to the Eastern Sierra again, and is looking at racing the HURL Elkhorn Classic 50mi if she feels like her knee will be ready for it. Otherwise Jenny will be signing up for shorter trail races and will keep you posted!

You can find Jenny and her mountainous adventures on Instagram: @jennydalimata and on Facebook: Jenny Dalimata!