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Name: Jenny Nakamura

Currently lives in: San Diego, California

About her: Jenny loves trail running, traveling, exploring new places & trails with her husband Sean. Jenny is an expert crew leader having crewed her husband at over 20 100+ mile events. Jenny’s race schedule is quite full with everything from 5ks to 100ks, her big race for the spring will be Nanny Goat 24 hour.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: She is still planning the year but so far here is her race schedule…
January: SD Resolution Half, Carlsbad Half & Coldwater Rumble 52mile
February: Black Canyon 100k
March: SD Half, LA Marathon, Carlsbad 5000 & maybe Ramblas Half
April: Crew Sean at Lake Sonoma 50, Revel Mount Charleston Marathon
May: Nanny Goat 24 hour
June: Rock n’ Roll SD, Volunteer & Crew Sean at SD100
July: Crew Sean at TRT 100 & Ouray (a new place for Jenny & Sean)
August: Tentative either crew Sean at Ute 100 or Big Foot 200 (she’ll run the 40 miler if they go to Big Foot)
September: Crew Sean at Tahoe 200 & she’ll run either a 25k or 100k there.
Hopefully they will also be running at UTMB but are waiting on the lottery. As far as adventures, Jenny really hopes they can fit in a trip to Banff. She really want to explore there.

You can find Jenny on Instagram: @runnylegs and on Twitter: @runnylegs.

Don’t miss out on her wide variety of content on her Blog as well: Runny Legs!