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Name: Jeremy “Worm” L. Hinshaw

Currently lives in: Anchorage, Alaska

About him: Jeremy is known to most people as either Hinshaw or “Worm”. Having lived in Anchorage, Alaska for the last 20 years he is in love with winter and the mountains. He plies his trade as a high school digital media teacher seasonally, which leaves his summers free for adventuring around the great state he calls home with his wife and 3 young kiddos. He can be found most summer days running, scrambling, or racing in the mountains. Winter brings fatbiking and xc skiing into the mix.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Susitna 100 on skis in Feb. He has already completed it by bike and foot. He’s also looking to enter many of the Alaska Mountain Runner’s Grand Prix events this year, which Mount Marathon on the 4th is one of. In August Jeremy will run the ResPass 50 or 100, TBD.

Check him out on Instagram (@alaska_worm_runs) and Twitter (@akworm) to find out what he’s up to… it’s probably all kinds of trouble.