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Name: Kristen Mohror

Currently lives in: Boulder, Colorado

About her: Armed with a smartphone, running shoes, and a life partner who resembles a wolf, Kristen is a dog-loving, mountain climbing, do-good enthusiast who happens to go on a lot of adventures! From 14,276 feet above sea level to surfing the waves of the Pacific, to running, climbing, sky diving, swimming, jumping, smiling, laughing and occasionally sleeping somewhere in between, Kristen pushes her luck and limits with new adventures, good people and cold brew coffee.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Arches 50-miler, Never Summer 100k, (Leadville 100 — maybe!?) If not, The Bear 100. Rim to Rim to Rim, Zion Traverse, Timberline Trail, Joshua Tree NP adventures!

You can find her on Instagram (@kristenmohror) or spend some time reading about her latest adventures at her Blog: