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Name: Luis Felipe Higueras Llosa

Currently lives in: Barranco, Lima

About him: Luis was born in Lima Peru, the land of the true Pisco. He got married two years ago to his beautiful wife Cynthia, and has been working in HP Inc for several years now. Luis proudly had a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management.
Luis and Cynthia currently live near the ocean so he can run in different paths and trails, enjoying the beach every summer.
He enjoy listening to Heavy Metal music and going to the shows, always with a cold beer in my hand.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Ultramaratón Yumax 80K Lima, The North Face Endurance 50K Lomas de Pachacamac, and the Desert Challenge Paracas 100K.

Find him on Instagram: @lfhll and Twitter: @louisfelipehll