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Name: Micah Drew

Currently lives in: Missoula, Montana

About him: Micah is an exercise physiology student living and running in Missoula, Montana. He works as a journalist and spent five years running for the University of Montana as a Griz. This summer he plans on battling for dominance in the Western Montana trail races and also revisit the Rim to Rim to Rim crossing of the Grand Canyon to lower his best time.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Micah will be doing the Sentinel Hill Climb, 11 miles to paradise and the Snowbowl 12k in Missoula as part of a trail series. He also plan to make it back to the Grand Canyon to complete a more successful R2R2R crossing. Micah then will run several half marathons across Montana and plan on peakbagging as much as possible before he potentially move out of state next year.

Follow him through the wilderness of Montana and beyond on Instagram: @mddrew and on Twitter: @micahddrew