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Name: Seth Longacre

Currently lives in: Carlsbad, California

About him: Seth started running in the woods of New England more than 40 years ago and has been privileged to run on roads and trails all over the world in the intervening years. He is the owner of Primal Soul, coaching clients to health and wellness grounded in their wild souls. Having returned from 10 years working in Africa, he currently lives in Carlsbad, CA and loves trail running, biking, camping, photography and exploring the depths of the human experience.

Upcoming Races / Adventures: Born to Run 50K, camping/backpacking at least a weekend every month, and AIDSLifecycle (he’s not a big planner).

You can find Seth on Facebook (sethlongacre, primalsoulhw) and Instagram (@sethlongacre).
One of these days we’ll see him at So keep checking back on that one!