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Name: Yamina Pressler

Currently lives in: Fort Collins, Colorado

About her: Yamina is a soil ecologist and PhD candidate at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. Yamina loves trail running, soil, writing, and the color pink. She spends much of her time exploring desert landscapes with friends and family.

Goals for 2018: Running 26 miles on her 26th birthday, running a spring trail marathon and her first 50K along the Skyline to Sea trail in California.

Upcoming Goals / Adventures: Running 26 miles of trails on her 26th birthday (coming up in late January)!
The spring marathon is still TBD but it will likely be the Gemini Adventures running festival trail marathon in Fruita, CO in April.
Skyline to Sea 50K in California in October.
Titus Canyon Trail Marathon in Death Valley in December.

You can find her running adventures on Instagram (@alltherunning), or follow her passion for soils on Twitter (@yaminapressler) and at her Website, www.yaminapressler.com.